MS69 2021 50C Vietnam War Bundle


  • Australian legal tender spanning 31.65mm in diameter.
  • Housed within an authentic PCGS holder measuring 82.2mm x 62.75mm x 10mm.
  • Quality-guaranteed PCGS slab.
  • 1 x Ms69 2021 50c Battle of Long Khanh
  • 1 x Ms69 2021 50c Battle of Nui Le

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Exclusive 2-Coin Bundle: Commemorating Pivotal Battles of the Vietnam War

Dive into the annals of history with this exclusive 2-coin bundle that captures two significant moments of the Australian involvement in the Vietnam War.

2021 Battle Of Long Khanh Coin

By June 1971, as the Vietnam War raged on, Australia was gearing up for withdrawal. During this tumultuous time, Operation Overlord was launched to ensure the province’s security and facilitate Australian forces’ exit. The Battle of Long Khanh on 7th June 1971 stands out for the valor displayed by the 5 Platoon B Company 3RAR. With limited ammunition and enemy positions closing in, their survival was ensured by Australian and US artillery and helicopter gunships. The Royal Australian Mint commemorates this bravery with a cupro-nickel 50 cent, artistically showcasing a dynamic battle scene with Australian soldiers, a Centurion tank, and an Iroquois helicopter.

2021 Battle Of Nui Le UNC Coin

Nui Le remains etched as the last significant enemy encounter by Australian troops in Vietnam. The heroes of this battle were the last to fall in combat during the war. Their valor was recognized with numerous awards. As Australia prepared for withdrawal, by December, most had left Phuoc Tuy Province. Marking the 50th anniversary of Operation Ivanhoe, the Royal Australian Mint presents a cupro-nickel 50 cent, vividly depicting Australian soldiers boarding an Iroquois helicopter amidst exploding napalm and a US F4 Phantom.



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