2018 $5 Chess Board Game 2oz Silver Antique Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2018
Denomination $5
Country Niue
Max Mintage 500
Finish Antiqued / Selective Gilding
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 63.00

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Step into the Realm of Strategy with the Exquisite Chess Board Game Silver Coin

Introducing the 2018 $5 Chess Board Game 2oz Silver Antique Coin, a monumental tribute to one of the oldest and most strategic games known to mankind. This unique coin not only celebrates the intellectual game of chess but also brings it into the physical realm with an innovative design that allows for an actual game of chess to be played. Minted by Art Mint and issued by Niue, this coin is a blend of numismatic craftsmanship and interactive enjoyment.

Innovative Design and Interactive Play

The coin features a digitally printed chess board, set upon a luxurious 2oz pure silver canvas with an antique finish, elevating its aesthetic appeal and collectability. The design’s ingenuity lies in its interactive component; it comes with 32 mini metallic chess pieces, enabling owners to engage in the cerebral game on what is perhaps the world’s smallest playable chess board. This distinctive feature not only makes the coin a valuable collector’s item but also an engaging piece of playable art.

Exclusivity and Craftsmanship

Struck from 99.9% pure silver and weighing 62.2g with a diameter of 63.00mm, this coin is a substantial piece of numismatic art. Its antique finish enhances the detailed design, giving it a timeless look that appeals to both coin collectors and chess enthusiasts alike. The coin’s legal tender is $5 in Niue, underscoring its authenticity and value. With a limited mintage of just 500 coins worldwide, this coin is a rare find, embodying exclusivity and desirability among collectors.

Each coin comes in a highly elegant case, accompanied by 32 mini metallic chess pieces and a Certificate of Authenticity. This presentation not only ensures the safety and preservation of the coin but also makes it an ideal gift for enthusiasts of the game or collectors seeking unique and limited-edition pieces.

A Collector’s Dream and a Chess Enthusiast’s Delight

The 2018 $5 Chess Board Game 2oz Silver Antique Coin is more than just a collector’s item; it’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the rich history and intellectual challenge of chess. It represents a bridge between the worlds of numismatics and classic board games, offering a unique opportunity to engage with both. Whether displayed as a showpiece or used for a thoughtful game of chess, this coin is a testament to the enduring appeal of chess and the innovative possibilities of coin design.

Secure your piece of numismatic history and celebrate the timeless game of chess with this exceptional coin. Its limited availability ensures that it is a treasure to be cherished, offering a unique blend of beauty, craftsmanship, and interactive play. Don’t miss the opportunity to own or gift one of the world’s most distinctive and engaging silver coins.


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