Terms & Conditions

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1. General

1.1. All Graded/encapsulated coins sold on The Coin Chest (TCC) are Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) certified. Information relating to their service can be found by clicking here. The grading scale used by PCGS to authenticate and grade coins can be found here.

1.2. Images provided by the vendor are for illustrative purposes only and are produced in a controlled environment and may differ from the physical appearance of the coin itself. In line with Australian Consumer Law, it is the duty of the purchaser to immediately inform the vendor of any disparities when the item is delivered.

1.2.1 The buyer understands before purchasing that due to the minting process and variations in the manufacturing of numismatic products, the products shown in the example images may differ from the goods themselves. This manifests in ways including but not limited to: missing paint, coin marks, moderate scratches and disparities in colour (i.e. toning).

1.3. Purchasers understand, serial numbers are unique to each PCGS authenticated coin. Due to the high volume of sales on TCC, the images provided are only indicative of the grade and not the actual coin(s) itself.

1.4. TCC is not liable for any loss of value, depreciation or damages caused to third parties by, but not limited to the following:

1.4.1. Loss of uninsured goods in transit.1.4.2. Damage to uninsured goods by third party freight/shipping companies (e.g. Australia Post).
1.4.3. Reputation/credibility loss/damage to third parties authenticating and/or manufacturing numismatic products.
1.4.4. Mistaken authentication by third parties.

1.5. All goods remain the sole property of TCC, until paid for in full.

2. Insured Goods

2.1. Purchasers of insured goods are entitled to reimbursement (unless in breach of 3.1.3. and/or 3.1.4.) under any of the following grounds:

2.1.1. Loss of goods in transit (as deemed by third party delivery company).
2.1.2. Damage incurred to the goods whilst in transit of the third party delivery company (i.e. Australia Post).

3. Cancellation/Return Policy:

3.1. TCC reserves the right to cancel orders placed, under the grounds of, but not limited to the following:

3.1.1. Errors in sales listings, coupon errors etc.
3.1.2. Loss of stock in transit (for preorders).
3.1.3. Scalping
3.1.4. Suspected deceitful/fraudulent activity

3.2. Orders cancelled by TCC (unless in breach of 3.1.3. and/or 3.1.4.) are entitled to a full refund in line with the Australian Consumer Law.

3.3. Buyers purchasing goods with a maximum order quantity per person/household, using multiple transactions, will be in breach of 3.1.3. with evidence from one of the following: same delivery address, payment method details or IP address. A nonrefundable fee of 25% of the order total (including postage and handling) will be incurred before refund.

3.4. Orders may be cancelled for a full refund under the following conditions:

3.4.1. The purchaser informs TCC by email or phone call within 2 hours of purchase.
3.4.2. The goods have not been sent or packaged for delivery.
3.4.3. Postage labels/methods have not been purchased by TCC.
3.4.4. The purchase does not contain Bullion.

3.5. In the event that an item has not been sent, but the postage labels/methods for goods have been purchased or the item has been packaged for delivery. The buyer will forfeit the postage cost, but will receive a refund of the price of the goods minus postage (except when in breach of 3.1.3. and/or 3.1.4.).

3.6. In the event that goods have been sent, change of mind refunds/returns will be accepted under the following conditions:

3.6.1. The purchaser notifies TCC within 7 calendar days from receipt of goods.
3.6.2. Goods must be sent by a tracked and fully insured method to TCC by the purchaser.
3.6.3. The item is confirmed by TCC as being received without damage/tampering or defect.
3.6.4. The original postage cost is forfeited.
3.6.5. A 12.5% nonrefundable restocking fee is incurred on the total of returned goods.