John Wick 1oz Silver Continental Bullion Bar (TEP)


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Discover the John Wick 1oz Silver Continental Bullion Bar (TEP)

Delve into the captivating world of the John Wick franchise with the exclusive 1oz Silver Continental Bullion Bar, a must-have for fans and serious collectors alike. This exceptional piece of memorabilia is struck from .999 fine silver, making it not only a collector’s item but a valuable investment in precious metals.

Exquisite Design and Fine Craftsmanship

The obverse of the bar showcases an imposing lion in front of a shield, illuminated by rays of light—a symbol of strength and resilience. This intricate design includes the Latin phrase “Ens Causa Sui,” which translates to “a cause within itself,” encapsulating the self-sufficient and secretive nature of the John Wick universe.

On the reverse, you will find a classical representation of Blind Justice. A blindfolded woman holds a shield and a sword, standing amidst a laurel wreath. The accompanying text, “Ex Unitae Vires,” meaning “out of unity comes strength,” further emphasises the thematic depth of the series.

Exclusive and Protective Packaging

Our 1oz Silver Continental Bullion Bar comes in multiples of 20, each meticulously packaged in protective materials to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. This not only preserves your investment but enhances the collectability of this limited-edition piece.

For those seeking to protect and display their investment, consider adding a luxurious 3 x 4 velvet draw pouch to your order, perfect for showcasing this splendid bar while safeguarding its lustrous finish.

Expand Your Collection with the TEP Option

Also available in a special TEP (tamper-evident packaging) option, this bar is perfect for expanding your John Wick collection. The TEP option ensures the authenticity and integrity of the bar, making it an ideal choice for both new collectors and seasoned enthusiasts.

The Legacy of John Wick

Embedded within a narrative of loyalty and vengeance, the John Wick films explore a clandestine world where traditional currency is eschewed in favour of gold coins, signifying more than mere monetary value—they are a currency of favours within a vast network of the criminal elite.

Celebrate this thrilling saga by adding the John Wick 1oz Silver Continental Bullion Bar to your collection. It’s not just a piece of silver—it’s a slice of cinematic history, embodying the essence and aesthetics of a groundbreaking film series.

Browse our full selection of John Wick licensed products, and consider investing in additional sizes and finishes to truly honour the artistry and impact of this iconic franchise. Whether as a gift or a personal treasure, the John Wick 1oz Silver Continental Bullion Bar represents a unique blend of collectability and craft.


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