2017 $5 Magnificent Life Cobra Concave 1oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2017
Denomination $5
Country Cook Islands
Max Mintage 999
Finish Proof / Concave
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.61mm

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Unveil the Power of the Cobra: 2017 $5 Magnificent Life Series

Experience the allure of one of nature’s most daunting creatures with the 2017 $5 Magnificent Life Cobra Concave 1oz Silver Coin. This exclusive addition to the Magnificent Life collection, known for its intricate portrayals of the world’s most extraordinary creatures, features the enigmatic cobra in a striking concave design.

Embrace the Majestic Cobra

In 2017, the collection embraced the wild elegance of the cobra, a symbol of grace and danger. The coin’s unique concave structure showcases a defensive cobra spreading its hood, an emblem of its readiness to strike. With around 30 species stretching from South Africa to Southeast Asia, cobras are revered for their potent neurotoxic venom, with some species capable of spitting their poison with precise aim.

Remarkable Minting Artistry

Crafted with advanced Smartminting technology, this coin presents an unparalleled level of detail and realism. The selective application of gloss and color, nestled within the coin’s cupped proof surface, breathes life into the cobra design, making it a dynamic work of art.

Exclusive Collectible Highlights

Distinctive Cobra Design: Captivating curved depiction of a fierce cobra ready to defend.
Pure Silver: Struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver, offering intrinsic value.
World-Class Technology: Utilizes advanced Smartminting methods for sharper detail and higher relief.
Limited Availability: With only 999 pieces released globally, it’s a coveted piece among collectors.
Recognized Legal Tender: A reputable investment as official legal tender of the Cook Islands.

The 2017 $5 Magnificent Life Cobra coin is more than a valuable asset; it’s a testament to the beauty and peril of the natural world. Secure a piece of this wild elegance for your collection today!

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