2017 Aporia Crataegi Exotic Butterflies 3D Silver Proof 3D Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2017
Denomination 500 Togrog
Country Mongolia
Max Mintage 2,500
Finish Proof / Coloured / 3D
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 25.00g
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.61

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Embrace the delicate beauty and fleeting essence of one of nature’s most beloved creatures with the 2017 Aporia Crataegi Exotic Butterflies 3D Silver Proof Coin . This exquisite piece marks the grand finale in the acclaimed Exotic Butterflies series, a must-have for discerning collectors and nature enthusiasts alike. With its worldwide mintage fully exhausted at the mint, this coin is a treasure as elusive as the butterfly it celebrates.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship in Fine Silver

Struck in nearly a full ounce of .999 pure silver, this coin is a testament to the art of minting. It is a tangible representation of elegance, embodying the grace of the Aporia Crataegi species. Each coin arrives in a specially designed wooden box that speaks to its quality and collectability, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that guarantees its premium status.

Exclusive Limited Release

With just 2,500 coins issued worldwide, owning one is a privilege and a joy for those lucky enough to have it in their possession. This scarcity ensures that the coin is not just a purchase but an investment, appreciated by connoisseurs of fine minting.

Artistry Captured in Stunning 3D

The coin’s obverse proudly displays the Mongolian coat of arms, signaling its value and heritage. However, it’s the reverse that truly captures the imagination: a breathtaking 3D depiction of the Aporia Crataegi butterfly at rest on a leaf. The phrase “EXOTIC BUTTERFLIES” arches over this serene image, with the butterfly’s name gracefully positioned below.

Why This Coin is a Cherished Addition

Rarity : Be one of the few to own the last in the Exotic Butterflies series.
Quality : From its pure silver constitution to the 3D imagery, it’s a testament to high-caliber craftsmanship.
Presentation : Comes complete with a decorative wooden box for display or safekeeping.
Memorable Gift : Perfect for enthusiasts of nature, numismatics, or art.

Experience the culmination of beauty, sophistication, and minting excellence with the 2017 Aporia Crataegi Exotic Butterflies 3D Silver Proof Coin. Secure your piece of this ethereal wonder today.


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