2021 $5 Magical Lamp 1001 Nights 1oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Country Palau
Max Mintage 1001
Finish Ultra High Relief / Gilded / Coloured
Year 2021
Denomination $5
Coin Dimensions (mm) 33.00
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz

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Discover the Enchantment of the 2021 $5 Magical Lamp Coin

Step into a world of enchantment and allure with the 2021 $5 Magical Lamp 1001 Nights 1oz Silver Black Proof Coin . This stunning coin is a tribute to the captivating tales of 1001 Nights, bringing to life the legendary story of Aladdin and his wondrous lamp. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this coin is not just a collector’s item but a piece of art that tells a story.

Unique Design and Artistry

The coin features an exquisite depiction of the magical lamp, resting amidst the sands, under a star-filled night sky. The design perfectly captures the essence of the Arabian Nights, complete with a silhouette of desert travellers in the background. The black proof finish of the coin beautifully contrasts with the gilded lamp, creating a modern yet timeless aesthetic. The coin’s surface is adorned with a sophisticated colourisation of mystical smoke, adding depth and intrigue to this already impressive piece.

Exceptional Quality and Craftsmanship

Struck from 1 oz of .999 fine silver, the coin boasts a high-quality black proof finish, exemplifying the pinnacle of minting excellence. Measuring 33 mm in diameter, it perfectly balances size and design, making it a standout piece in any collection. The coin is presented in a custom box, ensuring its preservation and enhancing its display appeal.

Limited Edition – A Collector’s Dream

With a strictly limited mintage of only 1001 pieces, this coin is as rare as it is beautiful. The exclusivity of this coin makes it a sought-after item for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this magical story; the 2021 $5 Magical Lamp coin is a treasure that will be cherished for generations.

Product Specifications

  • Mintage: Limited to 1001 pieces
  • Material: .999 Fine Silver
  • Finish: Black Proof
  • Weight: 1 oz (31.1 grams)
  • Diameter: 33 mm
  • Country of Origin: Palau
  • Face Value: $5.00
  • Packaging: Custom Box

In conclusion, the 2021 $5 Magical Lamp 1001 Nights 1oz Silver Black Proof Coin is not just a coin, but a gateway to the mystical world of Arabian nights. Its limited availability, exceptional craftsmanship, and mesmerising design make it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts. Embrace the magic and make this coin a highlight of your collection today!

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