2022 $10 Silverland – The Rock 2oz Silver Proof Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2022
Denomination $10
Country Cook Islands
Max Mintage 1777
Finish Ultra High Relief, Proof
Primary Material Silver
Primary Material Weight 2oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.61mm

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2022 $10 Silverland – The Rock 2oz Silver Proof Coin: A Luminous Numismatic Masterpiece

A Glimpse into “Silverland – The Rock”

Embark on a voyage to a realm where silver gleams like never before with the 2022 $10 Silverland – The Rock 2oz Silver Proof Coin. Crafted with unparalleled skill, this coin isn’t just a piece of metal—it’s a journey, a dance of light and shadow, beckoning collectors and admirers alike.

Exquisite Craftsmanship with Every Facet

Distinguished by its multifaceted design, The Rock 2oz coin captures the essence of true artistry. As you cradle it, the shimmering reflections off its surfaces create a mesmerizing spectacle. Each turn, each tilt, offers a new view, a different play of light that leaves you in awe.

Beyond the Surface

Delve deeper, and you’ll discover the intricate layers of ultra-high relief that stretch seamlessly to the coin’s very edges. In a groundbreaking feat, some of the most pronounced reliefs are sculpted around the coin’s perimeter, defying traditional minting expectations and elevating its uniqueness.

The Rock 2oz: A Testament to Advanced Minting

Holding the 2022 $10 Silverland coin is akin to holding a piece of numismatic innovation. It isn’t just about the weight or the silver—it’s about experiencing a blend of art, science, and passion. Whether for your collection or as a treasured gift, this coin exemplifies the pinnacle of coin design and craftsmanship.

Secure Your Piece of “Silverland” Today

With its impeccable design and rare craftsmanship, the 2022 $10 Silverland – The Rock 2oz Silver Proof Coin is destined to be a coveted piece for years to come. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this luminous legacy.

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