2023 Witchcraft: Seeress Ritual 1oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Country Fiji
Max Mintage 205
Finish BU / Coloured
Year 2022
Denomination $1
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.60
Primary Material Silver .9995
Primary Material Weight 1oz

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Discover the Mystical Allure of the 2023 Witchcraft: Seeress Ritual 1oz Silver Coin

Delve into the arcane with the enchanting 2023 Witchcraft: Seeress Ritual 1oz Silver Coin, a spellbinding addition to any collector’s trove. This fine silver coin is a masterpiece from the inaugural release of a series that explores the depth of witchcraft and mythology.

Unveiling the Mystical Seeress

Crafted with the highest purity of 999.9 silver, this coin is not only a collector’s item but a piece of art that captures the essence of the Seeress, a figure revered in Germanic lore. Known for her clairvoyance and mystical prowess, the Seeress is depicted engaging in a ritual, surrounded by symbols of her divine knowledge. Her close connection with the gods and mortals alike is emphasised through her ceremonial attire and the sacred objects she wields.

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship

The coin, designed by the renowned Mateusz FrÄ…ckowiak, features intricate details that resonate with the spiritual theme. The reverse side of the coin is adorned with traditional Germanic runes, animal skulls, and mystical dragons, all symbols linked to the otherworldly realms the Seeress might traverse. This design is complemented by an exquisite antique finish and subtle UV effects that enhance the ethereal aesthetics of the coin.

Limited Edition Collectable

With a limited mintage of just 2,000 pieces, each 2023 Witchcraft: Seeress Ritual 1oz Silver Coin is a unique asset. It comes encased in a protective capsule, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees its authenticity and limited edition status. The 40.00 mm diameter makes it a substantial piece, perfect for display or as part of a diversified collection.

Investment and Legacy

Investing in this coin means owning a piece of mythological history, beautifully realised in silver and rich in cultural significance. It’s an opportunity to connect with the mystique of ancient traditions and the timeless appeal of numismatic craftsmanship.

Ensure you purchase this remarkable silver coin from authorised distributors only, to guarantee the quality and authenticity of your investment. This striking coin is not just a purchase; it’s an inheritance, a piece of art that will be cherished for generations to come.

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