2015 Fishing Boat Earthquake Reconstruction Program 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2015
Denomination 1,000 Yen
Country Japan
Max Mintage 60,000
Finish Proof
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 40.00

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Commemorative Excellence: 2015 Japanese Earthquake Reconstruction Silver Coin

Celebrate the resilience and spirit of rejuvenation with the 2015 Fishing Boat Earthquake Reconstruction Program 1oz Silver Proof Coin. This coin, a part of the Japan Mint’s national project, is not just a collector’s item but a tribute to the indomitable will of a nation in the face of adversity.

Saluting Japan’s Rebuilding Efforts

Minted in .999 fine silver, this proof coin is part of the first series of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Project Commemorative Coin Program. Its intricate design honours the extraordinary efforts made in rebuilding Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of 2011.

A Symbol of Hope and Renewal

The coin’s reverse showcases a beautifully detailed depiction of a fishing boat and ears of rice – signifying hope and sustenance. Accompanied by the poignant imagery of the lone pine tree, known as the “miracle pine,” which stood tall amidst the destruction in Rikuzentakata, this coin encapsulates a powerful narrative of survival and resurgence.

Collectible Significance and Investment

This silver proof coin is not only a valuable addition for collectors but also serves as a symbol of solidarity with the reconstruction efforts of Japan. It represents a unique blend of aesthetic beauty and historical significance, making it a meaningful gift or investment.

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