2021 $10 Auspicious Dragon Zodiac Pairing Chinese Dragon and Ox 2oz Silver Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2021
Denomination $10
Country Tokelau
Max Mintage 500
Finish Antiqued / High Relief
Primary Material Silver .999 / Copper .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz Ag + 11.5oz Cu
Coin Dimensions (mm) 80.00mm

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Embrace Prosperity with the 2021 Auspicious Dragon Zodiac Pairing Coin

Celebrate resilience and prosperity with the 2021 Auspicious Dragon Zodiac Pairing Chinese Dragon and Ox 2oz Silver Coin. This masterpiece, minted in honor of the Lunar Year of the Ox, embodies hard work, hope, and success, vital energies in the quest for a promising 2021.

Symbolism of Strength and Prosperity

The Ox, known for its diligent spirit, represents a period of recovery and constructive effort following the challenges faced in the previous year. In harmony with the Western symbolism of the bull, indicative of a thriving market, the Ox forecasts a period of economic positivity.
In contrast, the Chinese Dragon, a beacon of good fortune and success, encircles the Ox, offering a protective embrace, ensuring guardianship and momentum as it forges ahead. This symbolic pair is set against a detailed backdrop of caisson architecture, an homage to the profound spiritual symbolism found in Taoist traditions.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Design

A standout feature is the coin’s artistic incorporation of the “Bi-Metal Plus” technique. This innovative method integrates 11.5 oz of copper sandwiched between layers of pure 999 silver, resulting in a 2 oz collectible that feels more substantial and luxurious. The impressive 80mm diameter is further enhanced by a super ultra-high relief effect, accentuated with an antique silver finish, giving life to the majestic dragon and steadfast ox.

Legal Tender of Distinction

The obverse side proudly displays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, marking it as legal tender of Tokelau. This feature elevates the coin’s status, making it not only a valuable collector’s piece but also a coin with recognized monetary value.

Why This Coin Is a Must-Have

Symbol of Abundance: Merges cultural icons of prosperity and good luck.
Unique Artistry: Showcases advanced minting techniques and detailed design.
Valuable Asset: A treasure for both investors and collectors.

Secure your symbol of wealth and perseverance with the 2021 Dragon and Ox silver coin. It’s more than a collectible; it’s a token of prosperous times to come.

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