2022 $5 Bull & Bear Spherical 2oz Silver Coin

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Coin Specifications

Country Samoa
Max Mintage 1,499
Finish Antiqued
Year 2022
Denomination $5
Coin Dimensions (mm) 50.00
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz

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Discover the exquisite 2022 $5 Bull & Bear Spherical 2oz Silver Coin , a masterpiece that encapsulates the dynamic spirit of the financial markets. This coin symbolises the ebb and flow of stock markets through the artful depiction of the ‘bull’ and ‘bear’, terms synonymous with market growth and decline.

Symbolism and Craftsmanship

The coin’s spherical design is a testament to expert craftsmanship, featuring a hand-designed filigree cut-out technique. This technique strikingly contrasts the bull and bear, each symbolising different market conditions. The bull, plated in 24 carat gold, not only signifies prosperity but also adorns the city skyline, reflecting economic growth. On the other side, the bear, crafted in pure silver with meticulous cut-outs, represents market caution with its powerful stance.

Limited Edition Collectible

As a successor to the highly sought-after “Heaven & Hell” issue, this coin is an exclusive collectible. With only 1,499 pieces available globally, owning this coin places you among a select group of collectors. Its antique finish and intricate design make it a standout addition to any collection, symbolising both the resilience and the ever-changing nature of financial markets.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of numismatic art that so beautifully captures the essence of economic fluctuations. Secure your 2022 $5 Bull & Bear Spherical 2oz Silver Coin today and hold a unique representation of market forces in your collection.

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