2023 $5 Monopoly Set 4 x 1oz Silver Coin Set


Coin Specifications

Finish Antiqued
Year 2023
Denomination 4 x $5
Country Samoa
Max Mintage 500
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 4 x 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 27.50 x 44.00

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Explore the Iconic 2023 $5 Monopoly Set: 4 x 1oz Silver Coin Set

Dive into the captivating world of one of the most beloved board games with the 2023 $5 Monopoly Set. This exclusive 4 x 1oz Silver Coin Set is a must-have for collectors and Monopoly enthusiasts alike. Minted with precision and care, this set brings the classic Monopoly experience into a stunning silver form, perfect for those looking to own a piece of gaming history.

Item Details at a Glance

Year of Issue: 2023, marking a special release for collectors and investors.
Issuing Country: Samoa, adding an exotic touch to this unique collectable.
Weight: A total of 4 oz, divided into 4 x 1 oz silver coins, each a testament to craftsmanship.
Composition: Pure Silver, with a purity of 0.999, ensuring your investment is of the highest quality.
Mintage: Limited to just 500 sets worldwide, making this a rare find.
Finish: Each coin features an antiqued, colorized finish, highlighting the intricate details and bringing the Monopoly game board to life.
Special Feature: Utilises the innovative Edgeless Minting Technique, allowing the design to flow seamlessly across all four coins.
Diameter: Each coin measures 27.5 x 44 mm, the perfect size to appreciate the artwork and detail.
Denomination: Valued at 4 x $5, this set is not just collectable but also holds legal tender status.
Certification: Mint Certified, ensuring authenticity and quality.
Packaging: Comes in a bespoke display box, ready for showcasing or gifting.

Why the 2023 $5 Monopoly 4 x 1oz Silver Coin Set Stands Out

A Fusion of Nostalgia and Luxury: This set captures the essence of the Monopoly game, transforming its iconic properties and utilities into precious silver.
Edgeless Minting: A revolutionary technique that creates a cohesive design across all four coins, celebrating the unity and competitiveness of the game.
Colour and Antiquity: The colourized elements against the antiqued silver backdrop make each property stand out, inviting you to relive your favourite Monopoly moments.
Limited Edition: With only 500 sets available globally, this is a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of Monopoly memorabilia.
Officially Licensed: Endorsed by HASBRO, this set is a legitimate tribute to the legacy of Monopoly, ensuring it’s a cherished piece for years to come.

Embark on a journey through the streets and stations of the world’s most famous board game with the 2023 $5 Monopoly Set. Whether as an addition to your collection, an investment in silver, or a gift for a Monopoly fan, this 4 x 1oz Silver Coin Set is a remarkable find. Don’t miss your chance to capture the spirit of competition and camaraderie that Monopoly embodies, all while investing in a timeless treasure.

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