2014 $25 Fortuna Redux Mercury 3oz Silver Cylinder Proof Coin

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Coin Specifications

Country Niue
Max Mintage 2,014
Finish Selective Gilding
Year 2014
Denomination $25
Coin Dimensions (mm) 25.40 x 17.60
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 3oz

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2014 $25 Fortuna Redux Mercury Cylinder Coin – A Numismatic Marvel

Discover the exquisite 2014 $25 Fortuna Redux Mercury 3oz Silver Cylinder Proof Coin, a numismatic breakthrough celebrated for its innovative design. This masterpiece encapsulates the spirit of Mercury – the Roman god of trade, financial gain, and safe travel.

Innovative Cylinder Shape

This coin broke boundaries as the first cylinder-shaped coin ever minted, offering a unique three-dimensional numismatic experience. Its intricate design and innovative form factor earned it the title of the Best Innovative Coin Design of 2014, making it a must-have for collectors and a thoughtful gift for business associates.

Rich Symbolism and Artistry

Limited Mintage: Only 2,014 pieces available, reflecting the year of issue.
Highly Decorated: Features selective 24K gilding and a matte finish on a detailed relief.
Precious Composition: Composed of 3 oz of 999 sterling silver, promising desirability and value.
Luxurious Presentation: Comes with a luxury presentation case and a Certificate of Authenticity.
Customisable Gold Gift Card: Accompanied by a gold gift card for personalised messages.

Design and Symbolism

The coin is a modern tribute to Mercury, adorned with an obverse side that showcases the god himself, along with an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse side features a golden coin with Mercury’s image set against a stellar galaxy backdrop, symbolising the vast reach of commerce and communication.
The edge of the coin, Mercury’s divine sandals with wings, implies swiftness and the global connectivity of modern trade. Designed by Urszula Walerzak, this coin merges timeless iconography with contemporary craft.

A talisman of prosperity and successful ventures, the 2014 $25 Fortuna Redux Mercury Cylinder Coin is more than a collectible—it’s a piece of art that signifies wealth, history, and the marvel of human innovation.

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