2015 $5 Treasure of the Cruel Captain Copper Game Coin


Coin Specifications

Finish Antiqued
Year 2015
Denomination $5
Country Palau
Primary Material Copper-Zinc Alloy
Primary Material Weight 680.00g
Coin Dimensions (mm) 180.00

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Embark on a Numismatic Adventure with the Cruel Captain’s Treasure

Discover the thrill of the high seas and hidden treasures with the innovative 2015 $5 Treasure of the Cruel Captain Copper Game Coin. This unique collectible coin isn’t just a piece of numismatic art; it’s an interactive game that brings the excitement of treasure hunting right into your hands.

A Groundbreaking Concept in Coin Collecting

Experience a first in the world of coin collecting with this game-based coin. The 2015 $5 Treasure of the Cruel Captain coin breaks traditional boundaries by doubling as a playable board game. It’s a revolutionary approach that combines the joy of coin collecting with the fun of game night.

Your Voyage to the Ocean’s Depths

Your journey begins aboard a pirate ship, depicted in stunning detail on this copper coin. As you roll the dice, navigate through treacherous waters and overcome obstacles in a race to discover the hidden treasure of the notorious captain. This coin is not just a collector’s item; it’s an invitation to an interactive adventure.

Perfect for Collectors and Gamers Alike

Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist or a gaming enthusiast, this coin is a must-have. Its uniqueness lies in its dual appeal – an engaging game for family and friends, and a prized collectible that stands out in any coin collection.

Features of the Coin

• Crafted from high-quality copper, showcasing detailed engravings.
• Interactive gameplay integrated within the coin’s design.
• A unique fusion of numismatic craftsmanship and playful entertainment.

Add the 2015 $5 Treasure of the Cruel Captain Copper Game Coin to your collection and embark on a numismatic journey like no other. It’s more than a coin; it’s a gateway to adventure and a testament to the creativity in modern coin design.

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