2016 Moon Lunar Nwa 10546 With Real Meteorite 1oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Max Mintage 777
Finish Antiqued / Real Meteorite
Year 2016
Denomination 1,000 Francs
Country Burkina Faso
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.61

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Explore the Mysteries of the Moon with this Exclusive Silver Coin

Step into the cosmos with the 2016 Moon Lunar NWA 10546 With Real Meteorite 1oz Silver Coin, a captivating piece that brings the wonders of the lunar surface right into your hands. Minted with an exquisite antique finish, this coin incorporates a real piece of lunar meteorite, making each piece a unique treasure. Embark on a journey through space and time with this remarkable collectible.

A Cosmic Connection: Real Meteorite Inclusion

What sets this coin apart is its inclusion of a genuine piece of the Lunar Meteorite NWA 10546. This rare meteorite fragment embedded in each coin is not just a piece of the moon; it’s a slice of cosmic history, offering owners a tangible connection to space. This feature ensures that no two coins are exactly alike, each one a distinct specimen with its own story.

Antique Finish & Nano Chip Technology

The coin’s premium antique finish enhances its intricate details, giving it an ageless allure that appeals to collectors and astronomy enthusiasts alike. Complemented by a nano chip that highlights all the Apollo missions, this coin is not just a collectible but an educational piece that pays homage to human space exploration.

Limited Edition: A Coveted Collectible

With a low mintage of only 777 pieces worldwide, the 2016 Moon Lunar NWA 10546 Silver Coin is a sought-after addition to any collection. Its scarcity adds to its desirability, making it a prized possession and a potential investment for collectors and enthusiasts.

Premium Specifications

Crafted from pure silver (99.99%), this coin weighs 1 oz and measures 38.61 mm in diameter. Issued by Burkina Faso with a face value of 1000 FRANCS CFA, it combines numismatic craftsmanship with a touch of celestial wonder. The meticulous attention to detail in its design and finish speaks to its premium quality and the care put into its creation.

Own a Piece of the Universe

The 2016 Moon Lunar NWA 10546 With Real Meteorite Silver Coin is more than just a collectible; it’s a gateway to the cosmos, offering a piece of the moon itself. Its unique features, including the real lunar meteorite fragment, antique finish, and nano chip detailing the Apollo missions, make it a must-have for anyone fascinated by the mysteries of space. Add this celestial gem to your collection today and hold a piece of the universe in your hands.


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