2017 $10 Legends Of Asgard Ymir 3oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2017
Denomination $10
Country Tokelau
Max Mintage 1,500
Finish Antiqued
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 3oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 50.00

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Discover the Mythical Realm with the 2017 Legends of Asgard Ymir Silver Coin

Delve into Norse mythology with the 2017 $10 Legends of Asgard Ymir 3oz Silver Coin, a masterpiece of numismatic artistry brought to life in striking detail. This collectible coin, the third release in the acclaimed “Legends of Asgard” series, presents Ymir, the mythical progenitor of giants, in an awe-inspiring depiction.

Exquisite Craftsmanship in Max Relief

Meticulously struck from 3 ounces of 99.9% pure silver, the coin showcases the exceptional Max Relief technique, highlighting the intricate design elements. Ymir, the ancient giant born from the icy realms, is vividly portrayed wielding a giant axe and long-sword, capturing the essence of his mighty legend. This high-relief imagery brings a dynamic sense of motion, as if Ymir is ready to leap into battle at any moment.

A Rich Tapestry of Norse Lore

The story of Ymir is deeply etched into Norse mythology. Known as the father of all giants, his mythological tale tells of a world birthed from his very being: oceans from his blood, the sky from his skull, the earth from his skin, and the forests from his hair. Owning this coin is not just about having a piece of precious metal; it’s about holding a fragment of ancient lore and legend.

Strictly Limited Mintage

With only 1,500 of these coins minted globally, this limited edition is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of mythology and fine silver alike. Each coin is a piece of Tokelau legal tender, underscoring its authenticity and collectible value.

A Regal Obverse Design

The obverse of the coin is equally impressive, featuring the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This is framed by exquisite Norse decorations, seamlessly blending royal heritage with ancient mythology.
Secure your piece of this legendary series and immerse yourself in the world of Norse gods and giants. The 2017 $10 Legends of Asgard Ymir 3oz Silver Coin is not just an investment in silver; it’s an investment in a rich, mythological narrative that has captivated hearts and minds for centuries.

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