2018 $2 Uranus Niobium Solar System Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2018
Denomination $2
Country Republic of Palau
Max Mintage 3,000
Finish Proof
Primary Material Silver .999 / Niobium .999
Primary Material Weight 8.30g Ag / 6.70g Nb
Coin Dimensions (mm) 30.00

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Discover the Coldest Planet in the Solar System

Embark on a celestial journey with the 2018 $2 Uranus Niobium Solar System 15g Silver Coin, the latest addition in the acclaimed “Solar System” series. This coin celebrates Uranus, known for having the coldest planetary atmosphere in our solar system. It is a masterpiece of numismatic art, featuring a striking Niobium insert, symbolising the icy-blue planet.

Exceptional Design and Craftsmanship

Proof Quality: The coin is struck in proof quality, showcasing intricate details and a stunning finish.
Niobium Core Insert: A unique feature that represents Uranus and its mesmerising rings.
Limited Mintage: With only 3,000 pieces available worldwide, this coin is a rare collectable.
Elegant Presentation: Comes in a sophisticated case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Unique and Educational

The reverse side of the coin displays a beautifully detailed depiction of Uranus, divided by the niobium insert. Inscriptions include “URANUS” and “SOLAR SYSTEM,” denoting the coin’s name and series. On the obverse, an illustration of the universe and planets in orbit around the Palau Coat of Arms is featured, with inscriptions “REPUBLIC OF PALAU,” the year “2018,” and the face value “2 DOLLARS.”

This coin is not only a treasure for collectors but also an educational piece that pays homage to the wonders of our solar system.

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