2019 $5 ICC Cricket World Cup Cricket Ball-Shaped 1oz Silver Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2019
Denomination $5
Country Barbados
Max Mintage 2500
Finish Proof-like, Ball Shaped, Coloured
Primary Material Silver
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 33.00mm

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Exclusive 2019 $5 ICC Cricket World Cup Cricket Ball-Shaped Silver Coin

Dive into the spirit of cricket with the uniquely minted 2019 $5 ICC Cricket World Cup Cricket Ball-Shaped 1oz Silver Coin. This collectible, an officially licensed product of the ICC, is not just a coin but a piece of memorabilia that resonates with the passion of the sport.

Distinctive Cricket Ball Shape with Proof-like Quality

What sets this coin apart is its distinctive design, shaped to mirror a real one-day cricket ball, an homage to the game’s grandeur. It’s not just a symbol, but an artifact struck to Proof-like quality, ensuring that every detail is intricately presented, making it a prized possession for collectors and cricket enthusiasts alike.

Premium 99.9% Silver Composition

The coin isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it boasts a composition of 99.9% pure silver, affirming its value and desirability. This superior make not only enhances its appeal to silver investors but also makes it a valuable addition to any collection, merging the worlds of sport and numismatics.

Exclusive Limited Edition Release

Adding to its allure is the fact that this coin is a limited edition release. With only 2500 units issued worldwide, it’s an exclusive artifact celebrating the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. This scarcity is what makes it highly sought-after, as it represents a moment in cricket history that will be cherished forever.

Recognized Legal Tender of Barbados

More than a mere collectible, this silver coin is official legal tender of Barbados, further solidifying its legitimacy and collectible status. It’s a piece that is globally recognised, underlining its international relevance and connection to the worldwide community of cricket lovers.

This 2019 $5 ICC Cricket World Cup Cricket Ball-Shaped 1oz Silver Coin is more than a memento; it’s a symbol of dedication, passion, and the enduring legacy of cricket. Secure your piece of sporting history today!


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