2022 $10 FIFA World Cup Football Qatar 3oz Silver Spherical Coin


Coin Specifications

Max Mintage 2022
Finish Antique
Year 2022
Denomination $10
Country Solomon Islands
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 3oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 70.00mm

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Discover the Iconic 3oz Silver Spherical Coin Celebrating the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the world’s most beloved football tournament with the 2022 $10 FIFA World Cup Football Qatar 3oz Silver Spherical Coin. This meticulously crafted collectable stands out as a masterpiece of numismatics, offering both soccer enthusiasts and coin collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of football history. The spherical design of this coin is a nod to the universal symbol of soccer – the football itself – and serves as a stunning tribute to the 2022 FIFA World Cup hosted in Qatar.

Exceptional Craftsmanship and Pure Silver

Made from .999 fine silver, this 3oz spherical coin boasts an impressive diameter of 70mm, encapsulating the essence of football with its unique shape and design. The coin’s antique finish enhances its intricate details, making it a prized possession in any collection. With a strictly limited mintage of only 2022 pieces, it represents not only a significant moment in sports history but also a valuable investment for collectors and fans alike.

Limited Edition – A Collectors’ Gem

The 2022 $10 FIFA World Cup Football Qatar Silver Coin is a testament to the exclusivity and allure of limited edition collectables. Each coin is accompanied by a beautifully designed presentation box and a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its status as a genuine collectable. This limited mintage amplifies its desirability, making it a must-have for those looking to commemorate the FIFA World Cup’s unforgettable moments in Qatar.

A Perfect Gift for Football Fans and Collectors

Whether you’re celebrating a passion for football or the art of coin collection, this silver spherical coin is an ideal gift. It encapsulates the anticipation and excitement of the FIFA World Cup, making it a memorable keepsake for anyone captivated by the game’s beauty and the tournament’s global camaraderie. Gift it to a friend, family member, or add it to your own collection as a symbol of football’s unifying spirit.

The 2022 $10 FIFA World Cup Football Qatar 3oz Silver Spherical Coin is more than just a collector’s item; it’s a tribute to the world’s most celebrated football event, captured in pure silver. Its rarity, beauty, and significance make it an unparalleled addition to any collection, celebrating the joy, anticipation, and global unity of the FIFA World Cup. Secure your piece of football history today and own a memento that will be cherished for generations.

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