2022 American Eagle 1oz Silver Shaped Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2022
Denomination 5,000 Francs
Country Chad
Max Mintage 2,500
Finish Antiqued
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 48.00 x 45.00

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Embrace the Majesty of the 2022 American Eagle Silver Coin

Step into the realm of exquisite numismatics with the 2022 American Eagle 1oz Silver Shaped Coin , a tribute to the majestic Bald Eagle, a symbol of freedom and strength in American culture. This collector’s gem is not just a coin; it’s a piece of art, shaped in the form of an American Eagle, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Superior Craftsmanship and Antique Finish

Struck in .999 pure silver, this coin weighs 31.10 grams and measures 45.00mm in diameter, offering a substantial and tangible connection to the rich traditions it represents. The coin’s high relief and antique finish enhance its intricate details, bringing the American Bald Eagle’s fierce gaze and detailed feathers to life. This technique gives the coin an ageless allure, appealing to collectors and investors alike.

Limited Edition Treasure

With a limited mintage of only 2,500 pieces worldwide, this 2022 American Eagle Silver Coin is a sought-after collectible. Its rarity is a testament to its uniqueness and desirability among collectors. Each coin is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, assuring its quality and legitimacy, and comes in a themed case that adds an extra layer of elegance to its presentation.

Rich Symbolism and Design

The reverse side of the coin features a meticulously detailed bust of the American Bald Eagle, symbolising strength, freedom, and the spirit of independence. The obverse presents an iconic image of the Statue of Liberty in front of the American Flag, with an eagle soaring overhead, encapsulating the essence of American patriotism. The Coat of Arms of Chad and inscriptions detailing the coin’s specifications and serial number also adorn the obverse, linking it to its country of issue and adding to its collectible value.

This coin is more than a simple piece of precious metal; it’s a celebration of American heritage, encapsulating the spirit of the nation in a tangible form. Whether for your collection, as an investment, or as a gift, the 2022 American Eagle 1oz Silver Shaped Coin is a remarkable piece that stands the test of time.

A Must-Have for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this piece of American pride. The 2022 American Eagle Silver Shaped Coin is a symbol of craftsmanship, history, and beauty, making it a perfect addition to any collection. Its limited availability ensures its value will only grow, making it a wise choice for collectors and investors seeking to commemorate the spirit of America in silver.

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