PR69DCAM 2012 50C Coat of Arms Gilt Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2012
Denomination 50c
Country Australia
Finish PR69DCAM
Primary Material CuNi
Primary Material Weight 15.55g
Coin Dimensions (mm) 31.65

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Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of numismatic treasure with the PR69DCAM 2012 50C Coat of Arms Gilt coin. As a truly exceptional piece, this coin holds a magnetic charm for collectors, both seasoned and novice alike, exhibiting an extraordinary gilt finish that radiates elegance and opulence.

Minted in 2012, this captivating coin celebrates the age-old tradition of fine craftsmanship and artistry in the numismatic realm. It proudly displays the iconic Coat of Arms design, giving the coin a touch of historical reverence and cultural significance. Its intricate, detailed artwork is a testament to the masterful skill set embedded in coin minting, making it a jewel among collectibles.

Embodying rarity and exclusivity, the 2012 50C Coat of Arms Gilt coin is available in limited numbers. Each piece has undergone an uncompromising grading process by PCGS, ensuring its PR69DCAM status – a near-perfect grade signifying a deep cameo contrast between the coin’s frosted design and mirror-like background. This unique attribute underscores the coin’s value, making it a highly sought-after collectible item that’s sure to escalate in worth over time.

Possessing this coin means owning a fragment of our shared cultural heritage, transformed into a tangible asset. Whether you’re enhancing your current collection, embarking on a numismatic journey, or gifting a token of lasting value, this coin is a splendid choice.

Add the PR69DCAM 2012 50C Coat of Arms Gilt coin to your collection today. Treasure a piece of history, savour its aesthetic allure, and invest in its future potential.

PCGS certification details with full-quality true-view images can be found here.

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