2021 Yasuke – Gaijin Series – 2oz Silver Copper High Relief Coin

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Coin Specifications

Country Chad
Max Mintage 500
Finish Antiqued / High Relief / Partial Gilding
Year 2021
Denomination 10,000 Francs CFA
Coin Dimensions (mm) 80.00
Primary Material Silver .999 / Copper .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz Ag / 11.5oz Cu

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Explore the Legacy of Yasuke with the Gaijin Series Coin

Take a look at the exquisite 2021 Yasuke – Gaijin Series 2oz Silver Copper High Relief Coin, a stunning tribute to the first African samurai. Yasuke, who arrived in Japan during the tumultuous civil war era of 1581, quickly became a revered figure due to his military prowess, towering height, and unique presence. This coin beautifully captures his essence, making it a must-have for collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

Detailed Design and Craftsmanship

The coin features Yasuke in traditional Karuta armour, poised with his Katana in hand. This depiction not only highlights his formidable presence but also showcases the artistry of Japanese culture. The high relief and antiqued finish, combined with a skillful application of gold lacquer inspired by the Japanese Kintsugi technique, create an intricate and visually striking piece.

Innovative Minting Technique

Utilising the Bi-Metal Max technique, this coin boasts an impressive 80mm diameter and substantial weight. The core is composed of 11.5 oz of pure copper, topped with a 2 oz layer of fine silver. This combination results in a super ultra-high relief, enhancing the detailed craftsmanship and making the coin stand out in any collection.

A Collector’s Dream

This coin from Chad is a superb addition to any collection, offering unparalleled detail and relief. The bold form of Yasuke, coupled with the distinctive gold on silver treatment, makes it an artistic masterpiece and a true conversation starter. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this unique piece of history, celebrating the extraordinary legacy of Yasuke, the African samurai.

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