2023 Girl With a Pearl Earring Vermeer 2oz Silver 33.5oz Copper Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2023
Denomination 10,000 Francs
Country Chad
Max Mintage 333
Finish Antiqued
Primary Material Silver .999 / Copper .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz Ag / 33.5oz Cu
Coin Dimensions (mm) 145.00 x 110.00

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Exceptional Tribute to Vermeer’s Masterpiece

Introducing the 2023 Girl With a Pearl Earring Vermeer 2oz Silver 33.5oz Copper Coin, a remarkable collectible blending artistic heritage with numismatic craftsmanship. This coin is a stunning homage to Johannes Vermeer’s iconic artwork, “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” offering collectors and art enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of history encapsulated in precious metals.

Captivating Design Meets Precious Metals

The coin showcases an exquisite coloured design, meticulously capturing the essence of Vermeer’s masterpiece. The rectangular shape of the coin adds a distinctive touch, setting it apart from traditional round coins. The fusion of 2 ounces of .999 fine silver and 33.5 ounces of copper lends both value and durability, making it a significant addition to any collection.

Limited Edition – A Unique Collectible

Struck in 2023 and bearing a face value of 10,000 Francs, this coin is more than just a collectible; it’s a limited edition artwork. With only 333 pieces available worldwide, it represents an exclusive opportunity for collectors and art aficionados alike. Each coin is a testament to the enduring legacy of Vermeer’s artistry, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the fusion of art and numismatics.

Exquisite Presentation and Authenticity

Your investment is presented in a sophisticated case, ensuring that this exquisite piece is protected and displayed in the manner it deserves. Accompanying each coin is a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing the purity of the silver and copper, the weight, and the limited mintage. This certificate serves as a seal of trust and quality for collectors.

A Remarkable Addition to Any Collection

Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist, a lover of classic art, or a collector seeking unique pieces, the 2023 Girl With a Pearl Earring Vermeer 2oz Silver 33.5oz Copper Coin stands as a remarkable addition to any collection. With its limited availability, intrinsic value, and artistic appeal, this coin is not just an investment in precious metals, but also in the timeless beauty of art.

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