2013 20-50c Centenary of Australian Banknotes 3 Coin Set

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Coin Specifications

Country Australia
Finish UNC
Year 2013
Denomination 20c / 50c
Primary Material CuNI

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Uncirculated Three Coin Set: A Nod to History

This exquisite set commemorates the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first banknotes. Each coin in this uncirculated set is a testament to the rich heritage of Australian currency. Featuring the iconic ten shillings, one pound, and five pound banknote designs, these coins are a homage to Australia’s primary industries that shaped the nation’s economy a century ago.

Exceptional Design and Craftsmanship

Imbued with historical significance, these coins showcase the pinnacle of the Mint’s craftsmanship. The intricate designs reflect the original banknote illustrations, offering both collectors and enthusiasts a unique glimpse into Australia’s past. Perfect for those who cherish Australian history or appreciate the fine art of coin collecting, this set is a must-have addition to any collection.

Why This Set is a Must-Have

Rich Historical Value: Celebrates the 100th anniversary of Australian banknotes.
Exceptional Quality: Uncirculated coins from the Royal Australian Mint.
Unique Collectable: A rare find for numismatists and history buffs alike.

Embrace a piece of Australia’s numismatic legacy with this exceptional 2013 20-50c Centenary of Australian Banknotes 3 Coin Set. It’s not just a collectable, it’s a piece of history.

Please note, some creases are present on the outer casing.


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