2020 50c Nissan R32 Skyline GTR – 60 Years of Supercars PNC


Coin Specifications

Finish UNC
Year 2020
Denomination 50c
Country Australia
Max Mintage 6,500
Primary Material CuNi

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Immerse Yourself in Automotive Legacy

Celebrate the iconic Nissan R32 Skyline GTR with this exceptional postal numismatic cover, a tribute to 60 years of supercars. This limited edition piece, featuring a stunning pictorial envelope, a unique stamp and tab, and an uncirculated coin, is a must-have for car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Exclusive Edition

With a limited mintage of just 6,500, this numismatic cover stands out in any collection. The collaborative effort between Australia Post and the Royal Australian Mint ensures the highest quality and attention to detail, making it a prized possession for those who appreciate automotive history and numismatics.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

This numismatic cover not only highlights the Nissan R32 Skyline GTR, a legendary vehicle in the realm of supercars, but also showcases the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Royal Australian Mint. The uncirculated coin gleams with precision, making it a centrepiece in any collection.

A Collectible for Enthusiasts

For those passionate about automotive history, this piece offers a unique blend of philately and numismatics. It’s a fitting homage to the engineering marvel that is the Nissan R32 Skyline GTR, and a celebration of 60 years of supercar excellence.

Secure Your Piece of History

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this exclusive numismatic cover. With its limited mintage, it’s an investment in both the rich legacy of supercars and the art of coin collecting. Secure yours today and add a remarkable piece of history to your collection.

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