2024 $1 Out Of This World – Deep Space Mintmark & Privy Coin Set


Coin Specifications

Finish UNC
Year 2024
Denomination 4 x $1
Country Australia
Primary Material CuNI
Primary Material Weight 4 x 9.00
Coin Dimensions (mm) 25.00

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Explore the Cosmos with the Latest Coin Collection

Dive into the cosmic depths with the stunning 2024 $1 Out Of This World – Deep Space Mintmark & Privy Coin Set, a tribute to Australia’s pivotal role in space exploration. This exclusive set showcases Australia’s advancements and participation in the vast, uncharted territories of space, embodying the spirit of discovery and innovation.

Unveiling Australia’s Space Endeavours

Australia’s journey into the cosmos is brilliantly encapsulated in this coin set, highlighting the nation’s contributions to space science and exploration. With partnerships stretching across governmental bodies, industries, and academic institutions, Australia is at the forefront of the global space arena. This coin set celebrates Australia’s strategic interests in space, including pioneering communications technologies, earth observation, and navigation systems.

A Direct Link to the Moon and Beyond

The 2024 $1 coin set not only commemorates Australia’s historical space achievements but also looks to the future with anticipation for the Aussie-developed rover set to join NASA’s Artemis program. This mission symbolizes a significant step forward, showcasing Australian expertise in remote operations and our contribution to global space exploration efforts, notably the ambition to return to the Moon and venture to Mars.

Celebrating Australian Innovation

Each coin in the Out Of This World set is a masterpiece, featuring exquisite designs that pay homage to Australia’s space achievements, including WRESAT-1, the nation’s first satellite. The collection includes a unique ‘C’ Mintmark coin along with ‘S’, ‘M’, and ‘B’ Privy Mark coins, each telling a part of Australia’s storied history in space exploration.

Design and Specifications

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the reverse of each coin presents a stylised scene of an Australian astronaut in the depths of space, a nod to the adventurous spirit of Australia in Space. The obverse carries the effigy of King Charles III, signifying the coin’s legal tender status in Australia. Made from aluminium bronze with a purity of 99.9%, each coin measures 25.00 mm in diameter and weighs 9.00 grams.

With its unlimited mintage, this coin set is a must-have for collectors and space enthusiasts alike, offering a tangible connection to Australia’s exciting ventures into the final frontier. Embrace the spirit of exploration and discovery with the 2024 $1 Out Of This World – Deep Space Mintmark & Privy Coin Set, a tribute to the boundless possibilities that lie beyond our world.

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