2024 $2 Tooth Fairy Uncirculated Coin and Kit


Coin Specifications

Finish UNC
Year 2024
Denomination $2
Country Australia
Primary Material CuAlNI
Primary Material Weight 6.60g
Coin Dimensions (mm) 20.50mm

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Explore the Enchantment with the 2024 $2 Tooth Fairy Uncirculated Coin and Kit

Celebrate a cherished milestone in your child’s life with the 2024 $2 Tooth Fairy Uncirculated Coin and Kit. Designed to capture the magical experience of losing a baby tooth, this set is the perfect gift to ignite the imagination of young ones across Australia.

Exclusive Contents of the Tooth Fairy Kit

Each kit includes a meticulously crafted $2 coin that shines in uncirculated condition, ensuring it remains a pristine keepsake for years to come. The coin, struck by the Royal Australian Mint, features the distinguished effigy of His Majesty King Charles III, adding a regal touch to this whimsical collection.

The set is more than just a coin; it’s an adventure wrapped in a beautifully designed keepsake box with a built-in mirror for that last-minute tooth inspection. The kit also comes complete with a sustainable bamboo toothbrush, designed to promote dental care from a young age. Enhance the experience with the floating glitter pen and drawstring pouch, both included to sprinkle a little extra fairy dust.

Perfect for Creating Lasting Memories

The 2024 $2 Tooth Fairy Uncirculated Coin and Kit also features a helpful tooth chart, allowing children and parents to keep track of each lost tooth in a fun and educational way. This feature is not only practical but also adds an educational twist to the fairy tale experience.

Unlimited in mintage, this set is readily available for anyone looking to gift something unique and heartfelt to a child experiencing the joy and nostalgia of the Tooth Fairy tradition. It’s an ideal gift from parents, grandparents, or relatives looking to give a tangible token of love that encourages and celebrates childhood milestones.

Embrace the tradition and make the loss of each baby tooth a memorable event with this enchanting kit. Whether for your child, a family friend, or a grandchild, the 2024 $2 Tooth Fairy Uncirculated Coin and Kit is a delightful and thoughtful choice that will be cherished for generations.

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