MS70 2017 50c Mabo Silver Proof Coin

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Coin Specifications

Country Australia
Max Mintage 5,000
Finish PR70DCAM
Year 2017
Denomination 50c
Coin Dimensions (mm) 31.65
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 18.24g

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2017 Silver Proof Mabo: A Tribute to Landmark Achievements

In 2017, the “Silver Proof Mabo” coin pays homage to two pivotal events in Australian history: the 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum and the 25th anniversary of the Mabo decision. Both signified profound moments of change for Indigenous Australians.

The 1967 Referendum: A Turning Point for Australia

On 27 May 1967, the nation was posed with a question concerning the exclusionary phrases about Indigenous Australians within the Constitution. In response, a significant majority of Australians voiced their support to eliminate these sections. With this, for the inaugural time, the federal government was empowered to create laws for Aboriginal Australians irrespective of their location.

The Mabo Decision: Recognizing Indigenous Land Rights

Fast forward twenty-five years to 3 June 1992, the High Court of Australia acknowledged the land rights of the Meriam people, the rightful custodians of the Murray Islands in the Torres Strait. This monumental decision marked the end of “terra nullius”, paving the way for native title legislation in the subsequent year.

The Collaboration with Boneta-Marie Mabo

The “2017 50c” coin was crafted in partnership with Boneta-Marie Mabo, a distinguished modern-day artist and the granddaughter of Eddie ‘Koiki’ Mabo. As an added special feature, it comes with a complimentary 50 cent circulating coin showcasing the identical design in a distinct card. Timed perfectly with National Reconciliation Week and the anniversaries, the reverse design encapsulates Eddie Mabo, Torres Strait Island flag, Australian Aboriginal flag, and flyers boldly declaring ‘RIGHT WRONGS WRITE YES for ABORIGINES!’.

PCGS MS70 Graded: The Pinnacle of Perfection

Delve into the realm of unparalleled craftsmanship with this coin, awarded the distinguished PR70 grade by PCGS. A testament to flawless design and precision, it stands as a symbol of perfection in the world of numismatics. When a coin achieves this pinnacle grade, it’s more than just a collectible—it’s a masterpiece.

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