2009 $20 Swarovski Crystal Raindrop Silver Proof Coin

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Coin Specifications

Denomination $20
Country Canada
Max Mintage 10,000
Finish Proof
Year 2009
Primary Material Weight 31.39g
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00
Primary Material Silver .999

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Embark on a journey through the enchanting season of autumn with the 2009 $20 Swarovski Crystal Raindrop Silver Coin. This exquisite piece captures the essence of autumn’s transformation, where the verdant greens of summer gracefully yield to the rich tapestry of autumn hues.

Autumn’s Majestic Beauty in Pure Silver

Crafted with 99.99% pure silver, this coin is a testament to the elegance of nature and the finesse of minting. It features a stunning display of autumnal colours, from deep golds to vibrant reds, mirroring the natural palette of the season.

Unique Swarovski Crystal Embellishment

The centrepiece of this coin is a brilliantly crafted Swarovski crystal, representing a raindrop. This crystal adds a unique dimension of luxury and rarity, reflecting light to mimic the glistening droplets of autumn rain.

Celebrating Nature’s Symphony

As a tribute to the season’s sounds, this coin encapsulates the gentle cascade of water droplets, each finding its path from the maple leaf to the earth. The design, featuring a trilogy of maple leaves with a crystalline raindrop, invites you to experience the serene beauty of autumn.

Why This Coin Is a Must-Have

Artistic Excellence: A blend of fine silver and a Swarovski crystal creates a visually stunning piece.
Collector’s Delight: Highly valued by collectors for its uniqueness and beauty.
Symbolic Keepsake: Represents the ephemeral yet cyclical nature of life and seasons.

This coin is not just a collector’s item; it is a celebration of the transient yet enduring beauty of nature. It makes for an elegant gift or a prized addition to any collection, capturing a moment in nature’s grand ballet.

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