2018 $20 3D Approaching Canada Goose 1oz Silver Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2018
Denomination $20
Country Canada
Max Mintage 6,000
Finish Proof
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00

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Discover the 3D Canadian Goose 1oz Silver Coin

Capture the elegance and dynamism of the Canada goose with the striking 2018 $20 3D Approaching Canada Goose 1oz Silver Coin. This exquisite coin is a blend of fine craftsmanship and innovative design, showcasing one of Canada’s most iconic waterfowl in stunning detail.

Exquisite 3D Artistry

This coin is the third in a breathtaking series that features 3D wildlife in motion. Utilising advanced thermoforming technology, the coin presents a three-dimensional Canada goose (Branta canadensis) in mid-descent. The goose, printed on a thin plastic material and embossed for texture, seems to spring to life, capturing the moment of its graceful landing on a serene lake.

Rich Detailing and Pure Silver

High-Quality Engraving: The background is meticulously engraved, depicting a tranquil lake scene that complements the 3D goose.
Premium Silver Content: Crafted from one ounce of 99.99% pure silver, this coin is a valuable addition to any collection.
Limited Mintage: With only 6,000 coins available worldwide, it’s a sought-after piece for collectors.

A Symbol of Canadian Wildlife

Designed by Royal Canadian Mint engraver Matthew Bowen, this coin is not just a collector’s item but a celebration of Canadian wildlife. The detailed representation of the Canada goose, known for its vibrant honks and V-shaped flight formation, is a tribute to the natural beauty of Canada’s fauna.

Includes Serialized Certificate

Your purchase includes a serialized certificate from the Royal Canadian Mint, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of your coin.

Add this magnificent 2018 $20 3D Approaching Canada Goose 1oz Silver Coin to your collection today and own a piece of Canada’s natural heritage.

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