2018 $20 Nature’s Impressions: Wolf 1oz Silver Proof Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2018
Denomination $20
Country Canada
Max Mintage 5,500
Finish Proof
Primary Material Silver .9999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00

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A Majestic Symbol: 2018 $20 Nature’s Impressions: Wolf 1oz Silver Proof Coin

Step into the enchanting world of wildlife with the 2018 $20 Nature’s Impressions: Wolf 1oz Silver Proof Coin. This exquisite coin captures the essence of the vigilant wolf, an elusive hunter known for its watchful eye and purposeful movements.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship in Pure Silver

Crafted from 1oz of .9999 fine silver, this 2018 $20 silver proof coin is a testament to superior craftsmanship. The wolf’s depiction is brought to life through intricate engraving and various finishing techniques, offering a striking depth that highlights each detail. The coin’s edge features the crisp impression of the wolf’s four-toed tracks, adding a unique touch to this collector’s item.

Design Details: A Wolf in Canada’s Boreal Forest

The reverse design by Canadian artist Claudio D’Angelo presents a side view of a wolf in its natural habitat. Amidst tall spruce trees, the wolf pauses on a snow-covered hill to survey the frozen lake below, its head turned to the left, revealing its distinctive facial features. This scene, set in Canada’s boreal forest, is meticulously engraved to capture the serene yet vigilant nature of the wolf.

Exclusivity and Presentation

This 2018 $20 Nature’s Impressions: Wolf coin is part of a limited mintage of just 5,500 coins, making it a rare addition to any collection. It comes encapsulated and presented in a mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box, ensuring it is both protected and beautifully displayed.

A Tribute to Nature’s Majesty

Celebrate the majestic wolf with this 2018 $20 Nature’s Impressions: Wolf 1oz Silver Proof Coin. Each step of the wolf leaves a lasting impression, much like this coin will in your collection. Whether you are a seasoned collector or new to the world of numismatics, this coin is a stunning representation of nature’s beauty and the artistry of the Royal Canadian Mint.

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Do not miss the opportunity to own a piece of the wild with the 2018 $20 Nature’s Impressions: Wolf 1oz Silver Proof Coin. With its limited mintage and exceptional design, it is a treasured item for any collector.

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