2020 $5 Four Seasons Maple Leaf 1oz Silver 4 Coin Set


Coin Specifications

Year 2020
Denomination 4 x $5
Country Canada
Max Mintage 500
Finish Coloured / Antiqued
Primary Material Silver .9999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00

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Embrace the Beauty of Seasons with the 2020 Maple Leaf Silver Coin Set

Introducing the exquisite 2020 $5 Four Seasons Maple Leaf 1oz Silver 4 Coin Set, a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors seeking to add a touch of natural beauty and seasonal variation to their collection. This limited edition set from the Royal Canadian Mint showcases the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf across four uniquely colourised coins, each representing a different season.

Colourised Elegance in Pure Silver

Every coin in the Four Seasons Maple Leaf Set is struck from 1oz of .9999 fine silver, ensuring both beauty and investment value. The coins have been meticulously colourised to capture the essence of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, making each piece a work of art. The vibrant hues selected for each season breathe life into the classic Maple Leaf design, making this set truly one-of-a-kind.

Limited Edition Collectible

The 2020 Four Seasons Maple Leaf Silver Coin Set is limited to just 500 sets for each design, enhancing its appeal as a collectible. This scarcity underscores the uniqueness of the set and its desirability among collectors and investors alike. Each coin is presented in individual protective capsules with a personalised sleeve that complements the design, along with detailed specifications and numbering, adding to its collectible value.

Not Just a Coin, But a Piece of Art

Though these coins have been customised by a private mint and are no longer considered legal tender, their fineness and weight remain unaffected. Each coin in the set continues to be a testament to the highest standards of purity and quality, encapsulated in pure .9999 silver, and weighing 1oz (31.10 grams) each.

A Rich Heritage and Symbolism

The Canadian Maple Leaf is not just a symbol of Canada but represents unity, tolerance, peace, resilience, and endurance. This coin set pays homage to the Maple Leaf’s enduring significance, from its historic roots as a vital resource for Canada’s indigenous people to its current status as a national emblem of pride and identity.

Investment and Beauty Combined

With the 2020 $5 Four Seasons Maple Leaf 1oz Silver 4 Coin Set, collectors and investors can own a piece of Canada’s natural beauty, depicted through the changing seasons. The set offers not just the opportunity for financial investment but also a chance to appreciate the artistry and symbolism that each coin represents. Secure your set today and own a timeless piece of Canada’s numismatic heritage.


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