2020 $5 Wood Buffalo Park – Polar Lights Series – 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin


Coin Specifications

Country Canada
Max Mintage 999
Finish BU / Coloured
Year 2020
Denomination $5
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00
Primary Material Silver .9999
Primary Material Weight 1oz

Please note, this coin is no longer legal tender as it has been embellished by an authorised 3rd party mint. This coin has been plated over the top of the original design. Thus the actual coin may display small indendations.

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2020 $5 Wood Buffalo Park – Polar Lights Series – 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin

Discover the mesmerising beauty of the Wood Buffalo Park captured in the striking 2020 $5 Wood Buffalo Park – Polar Lights Series – 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin. This exquisite piece not only showcases the natural wonders of Canada’s largest national park but also highlights the breathtaking phenomenon of the polar lights, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Exquisite Design and Craftsmanship

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, this 1oz Maple Leaf silver coin features a stunning depiction of the polar lights, scientifically known as aurora borealis, in vibrant shades of blue. The imagery is further enriched by the presence of two majestic buffalo, symbolising the untamed beauty of Wood Buffalo Park. The coin’s design perfectly captures the essence of the park’s serene and pollution-free environment where the northern lights dance across the sky in a spectacular display of nature’s artistry.

Exclusive and Limited Edition

As part of the Polar Lights Series, this 2020 $5 coin is the fifth instalment in a six-coin collection dedicated to showcasing the ethereal beauty of polar lights across different locations. With a limited mintage of only 999 pieces, this coin is a rare gem that promises exclusivity. Each coin comes securely housed in a capsule, accompanied by a product card that attests to its authenticity and uniqueness.

Premium Material and Finish

Struck from 99.99% pure silver, the 1oz Maple Leaf coin boasts a brilliant uncirculated finish, ensuring that every detail of its intricate design shines through. With a weight of 1 oz and a diameter of 38mm, this coin combines the timeless appeal of silver with a contemporary design that captures the heart of Wood Buffalo Park.

A Tribute to Heritage and Nature

Wood Buffalo Park, established in 1922 and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, is celebrated through this coin for its rich history and ecological significance. This 2020 $5 Silver Maple Leaf coin not only commemorates the park’s contribution to natural heritage but also serves as a tribute to the magical spectacle of the polar lights, offering a piece of nature’s wonder to collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Why Choose the 2020 $5 Wood Buffalo Park – Polar Lights Series Coin?

For those seeking to enrich their collection with a piece that combines natural beauty, historical significance, and expert craftsmanship, the 2020 $5 Wood Buffalo Park – 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Coin is an unparalleled choice. Its limited mintage, pure silver composition, and captivating design make it a valuable addition to any collection, promising to enchant and inspire for generations to come.

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