2022 $5 Marijuana Golden Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2022
Denomination $5
Country Canada
Max Mintage 50
Finish BU
Primary Material Silver .9999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00

*Please note, this coin is no longer legal tender as it has been embellished by an authorised 3rd party mint.

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Explore the Unique 2022 Golden Maple Leaf Silver Coin

Introducing the captivating 2022 $5 Marijuana Golden Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Coin, a bold and innovative numismatic piece that merges the iconic imagery of the Canadian Maple Leaf with the globally recognized symbol of the marijuana plant. This silver coin showcases a vibrant and colourful design, reflecting the plant’s significance in both recreational and medical fields today.

Unparalleled Design and Fineness

Crafted with precision, this coin is minted in .999 pure silver, ensuring its place as a high-value collectible. The brilliant uncirculated (BU) quality highlights the coin’s impeccable finish and the intricate details of its design. The marijuana leaf, elegantly overlaid on the Canadian Maple Leaf, is presented in stunning detail and colour, making it a standout piece for any collector.

Limited Edition Offering

With a limited mintage of only 100 pieces worldwide, the 2022 Marijuana Golden Maple Leaf Silver Coin is a rare and sought-after item. Its exclusivity is matched by its aesthetic appeal and the depth of its cultural significance, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of tradition and contemporary themes.

Specifications and Presentation

This exquisite coin boasts a weight of 31.1 grams (1 oz) and a diameter of 38mm, conforming to the high standards expected of premium collectible coins. While it comes encapsulated with a Certificate of Authenticity, it is presented without a box, focusing on the coin’s artistic and material value.

Cultural Resonance and Collectibility

The obverse features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, linking it to the rich numismatic history of Canada. The reverse, however, is where the coin truly shines, with its vibrant depiction of the marijuana leaf against the backdrop of the golden maple leaf. This design speaks to the evolving perception of marijuana, celebrating its role in contemporary society.

Please note, due to the embellishment by an authorised third-party mint, this coin is no longer considered legal tender. The unique plating process may reveal raised sections from the underlying original design, adding to its uniqueness and collectible appeal.

Secure Your Piece of Contemporary Numismatics

Do not miss the chance to own the 2022 $5 Marijuana Golden Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Coin. This piece is more than just a coin; it is a statement of modern numismatic art, blending tradition with a bold contemporary symbol. Secure your coin today and add a touch of uniqueness to your collection.

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