2023 1oz Silver Jewish Maple Leaf Gilded Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2023
Country Canada
Max Mintage 100
Finish Black Ruthenium / Gilded
Primary Material Silver .9999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00

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Embrace a Unique Blend of Culture and Craftsmanship

The 2023 1oz Silver Jewish Maple Leaf Gilded Coin is a testament to the fine art of coin minting and cultural heritage. This remarkable piece is limited to a mintage of only 100 coins, making it a rare and treasured addition for any collector.

Exceptional Design and High-Quality Finish

Crafted by the Royal Canadian Mint, this coin boasts a finish of 24k gold and black platinum, highlighting the intricate details of its design. The obverse features the iconic Star of David, while the reverse showcases the Hebrew symbol for life, making this coin a meaningful piece for those who appreciate cultural symbolism.

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its inception in 1988, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has been a staple in the world of bullion coins. Renowned for its .9999 silver purity, it continues to be a favourite among collectors and investors. This special edition, adorned with gold and platinum plating, adds a layer of sophistication and cultural richness to the classic design.

Limited Edition Appeal

With a strict mintage of just 100 coins, the 2023 Silver Jewish Maple Leaf Gilded Coin is a coveted piece for collectors seeking rarity and value. Each coin is presented in a square capsule with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its status as a genuine collectible.

An Artful Collaboration

The exquisite plating and colourisation of this coin were expertly executed by a specialised third-party company, ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision. This collaboration brings out the best of both worlds – the enduring legacy of the Royal Canadian Mint and the innovative artistry of modern craftsmen.

This coin not only holds significant cultural value but also represents a superb investment in fine silver. Its blend of historical significance, artistic design, and limited availability makes it a must-have for discerning collectors.

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Maple Leaf









Black Ruthenium, Gilded


North America

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