2019 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Pratley’s Polymer Putty Prestige Coin Set


Coin Specifications

Year 2019
Denomination R2 Crown / 2.5c Tickey
Country South Africa
Max Mintage 700
Finish Proof
Primary Material Silver .925
Primary Material Weight 38.04g
Coin Dimensions (mm) Various

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Celebrating a Milestone in Space Exploration

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of space achievements with the 2019 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Pratley’s Polymer Putty Prestige Set . This exquisite collection is not just a coin set but a beacon of human innovation and exploration, commemorating the monumental first steps on the moon in 1969. It’s a perfect blend of numismatics and history, capturing a pivotal moment in space exploration.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Limited Mintage

What sets this collection apart is its exclusivity and craftsmanship. The set boasts a meticulously crafted Sterling Silver model of the Ranger 9 spacecraft, a symbol of the daring spirit of space exploration. With only 700 sets minted, this collection is as rare as it is beautiful, ensuring its status as a treasured piece in any collection.

Detailed Design and Artistry

The set features two coins: an R2 crown-sized coin and a 2 1/2c Tickey coin, each containing 1.04 oz of fine Silver. The obverse of the R2 coin proudly displays the Coat of Arms of South Africa, celebrating the nation’s heritage. The reverse side is a tribute to the Apollo 11 mission, showcasing the Earth from above the moon with Africa and South Africa taking prominence. The 2 1/2c Tickey coin further complements this theme with its depiction of the moon’s surface and the Ranger spacecraft, honouring the contributions of George Montague Pratley, the inventor of the renowned Pratley Putty.

Authenticity and Presentation

Each set comes complete with a walnut wood box, enhancing its prestige and making it an ideal gift or display piece. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, it assures collectors of its quality and genuineness. This set is not just a collectable, but a piece of history, a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of exploration.

An Investment in History

The 2019 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Pratley’s Polymer Putty Prestige Set is more than a collectable; it’s an investment in a momentous event that changed the world. It’s an opportunity for collectors and space enthusiasts alike to own a piece of history, to connect with the journey of polymer putty from Earth to the moon, and to celebrate a legacy that stretches from South Africa to the lunar surface.

Add this remarkable Silver Polymer Putty set to your collection today and own a piece of space exploration history.

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