2011 $1 Wildlife In Need Orangutan 1oz Silver Proof Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2011
Denomination $1
Country Tuvalu
Max Mintage 5,000
Finish Proof / Coloured
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 50.00

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2011 $1 Wildlife In Need Orangutan Silver Coin: Preserving Majestic Natural Heritage

Immerse yourself in the conservation journey with the 2011 $1 Wildlife In Need Orangutan 1oz Silver Coin. This meticulously crafted coin is more than a collectible; it’s a beacon of awareness and a testament to the preservation efforts of the endangered Orangutan, a species that graces the rainforests of south-east Asia.

Orangutan: A Symbol of the Wild

With its distinctive ape-like silhouette, shaggy red mane, and gripping extremities, the Orangutan, known as the ‘man of the forest,’ is a wonder of nature. Today, their existence is confined to the tropical islands of Borneo and Sumatra, making them a precious but vulnerable member of the Earth’s biodiversity.

Conservation Crisis

The persistent threats of habitat loss due to commercial deforestation, expansion of palm oil estates, and relentless agriculture are jeopardizing the Orangutans’ survival. Compounded by human-induced fires and exploitation, their plight symbolizes the urgency of wildlife protection globally.

Exquisite Presentation

Each Orangutan silver coin comes encased in an elegant standard shape black case from the Perth Mint, nestled within an artistically illustrated shipper. The package is complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing its value and singularity.

Why This Coin Matters?

Significant Reminder: Advocates for wildlife preservation and environmental balance.
Exclusive Collectible: A cherished addition for collectors valuing cause-driven pieces.
Gift of Awareness: Perfect as an educational and meaningful present for all ages.
Embrace the call of the wild and the spirit of conservation with this splendid 2011 $1 Orangutan silver coin, contributing to a legacy of environmental awareness and action.

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