2021 $5 Fu Lu Shou Antiqued 5oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2021
Denomination $5
Country Tuvalu
Max Mintage 388
Finish Antique / Coloured
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 5oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 55.90

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Discover the Essence of Harmony with the 2021 $5 Fu Lu Shou Antiqued 5oz Silver Coin

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chinese tradition with the exquisite “2021 $5 Fu Lu Shou Antiqued 5oz Silver Coin,” a timeless symbol of prosperity, status, and longevity. This limited edition treasure, meticulously crafted by The Perth Mint, is more than a coin—it’s a narrative in silver, weaving the ancient stories of the Sanxing deities into a tangible piece of cultural heritage.

Exclusive Artistry Commemorating Cultural Wisdom

Depicting the divine trio Fu, Lu, and Shou, this coin is a masterpiece steeped in symbolism. Each figure encapsulates a core tenet of human aspiration, set against a stunning background of culturally significant motifs. From the opulent peonies denoting wealth to the revered peach of immortality, every element has been chosen with care, resonating with millennia of art and lore.

Symbolic Design Infused with Tradition

The coin’s center stage is graced by colored images of the three gods, with a harmonious yin yang symbol at their core, reflecting the balance and continuity in life’s cycle. Each deity, from the prosperous Fu holding the emblem of new life to Shou, the wise elder signifying long life, is intricately detailed, enhancing the coin’s narrative and aesthetic value.

Antique Finish on 99.99% Pure Silver

Struck from 5oz of the purest 99.99% silver, its antique finish adds a sense of timeless dignity, bringing out the subtleties of the detailed high-relief design. With a worldwide limited mintage of just 388 coins, this piece is a rare collectible, making it a valuable addition for numismatists and investors alike.

A Treasure of Legal Tender Underpinned by Authenticity

More than a mere collector’s item, each silver coin stands as legal tender of Tuvalu, guaranteeing its weight, purity, and value. The coin arrives in a classic display case, complete with an illustrated shipper, underlining its authenticity with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring your investment is both secure and steeped in cultural significance.

Secure Your Piece of Prosperity, Success, and Longevity Today

This unique coin is a testament to the enduring spirit of Chinese cultural tradition, offering you an opportunity to own a piece of this legacy. Secure your “2021 $5 Fu Lu Shou Antiqued 5oz Silver Coin” today, and let the divine guardians of humanity’s most cherished desires—prosperity, success, and longevity—be a beacon in your collection.

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