2021 $5 Sunset Edition Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Gilded Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2021
Denomination $5
Country Canada
Max Mintage 500
Finish Selective Gilding
Primary Material Silver .9999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.00

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Embrace the Glow: 2021 Maple Leaf Sunset Edition

Step into the golden hour with the 2021 $5 Sunset Edition Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Gilded Coin, a masterpiece that brings the classic elegance of the Maple Leaf coin series into a new light. This unique silver investment piece is gilded in beautiful gold, capturing the serene essence of sunset over the Canadian landscape.

Gold-Plated Elegance

The coin’s breathtaking design features the iconic maple leaf, now enhanced with a gold plating that adds depth and warmth to its appearance. This gilding process elevates the coin from a simple piece of silver to a stunning work of art, perfect for collectors and investors seeking to add a touch of luxury to their collection.

Limited Edition Luxury

With a strictly limited mintage of only 500 pieces worldwide, this coin is as exclusive as it is beautiful. Its rarity is a testament to its desirability among collectors and those with a keen eye for quality and craftsmanship. Owning one of these coins is not just an investment in silver but a statement of appreciation for refined numismatic art.

Premium Specifications

Minted with precision, this coin boasts a purity of 999/1000 silver, weighing in at 1oz with a diameter of 38mm. Its brilliant uncirculated quality ensures that each detail of the design is presented in stunning clarity, from the delicate veins of the maple leaf to the soft glow of the gold plating.

A Symbol of Beauty and Strength

The 2021 Sunset Edition Maple Leaf coin not only symbolises the natural beauty of Canada but also the strength and resilience of its people. As the maple leaf changes through the seasons, so too does this coin represent the enduring spirit of innovation and tradition in Canadian minting.

This coin comes securely housed in a quadrum capsule, ensuring its protection and longevity, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Please note, a presentation case is not included, allowing you to choose how best to display this magnificent piece.

Collect a Moment of Sunset

Don’t let this moment pass you by. The 2021 $5 Sunset Edition Maple Leaf 1oz Silver Gilded Coin is a fleeting glimpse of beauty, encapsulating the magic of sunset in a tangible form. Whether as an addition to your collection, a gift, or an investment, this coin is a celebration of the artistry and heritage of the Canadian Maple Leaf series.

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