2022 $5 Colours Of Nature 150th Anniversary Yellowstone National Park 150g Coin


Coin Specifications

Max Mintage 750
Finish Prooflike / Coloured
Year 2022
Denomination $5
Country Barbados
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 150.00g
Coin Dimensions (mm) 70.00

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Commemorate Nature’s Wonders of Yellowstone National Park with a Unique Collectible

Mark a monumental milestone with the exquisite 2022 $5 Colours of Nature 150th Anniversary Yellowstone National Park 150g Coin . This remarkable piece is not just a coin; it’s a tribute to the beauty and history of one of the world’s most renowned natural landmarks. Struck in .999 fine silver, this coin is a testament to craftsmanship and the allure of nature itself, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Exceptional Design and Craftsmanship

Featuring a stunning proof-like finish, this collector’s item showcases the mesmerising landscapes of Yellowstone National Park. The selective multi-colour enamel coating brings to life the park’s iconic geysers, adding depth and vibrancy to the coin’s design. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the intricate geometric patterns on the obverse to the vivid depiction of nature’s splendour on the reverse.

Limited Edition Collector’s Piece

With a limited mintage of just 750 pieces worldwide, the 2022 $5 Colours of Nature 150th Anniversary Yellowstone National Park Coin is an exclusive commemorative item. Each coin weighs 150 grams and boasts a diameter of 70mm, making it a substantial addition to any collection. It comes housed in a premium display box, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its value and authenticity are preserved for years to come.

A Rich Heritage

Celebrating 150 years since the establishment of Yellowstone as the first national park, this coin honours the park’s rich heritage and its significance in natural conservation. Issued by Barbados, it carries a denomination of $5 and features the country’s coat of arms on the obverse, symbolising the global appreciation for Yellowstone’s natural beauty and ecological importance.

Why Choose This Coin?

Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist, a nature enthusiast, or looking for a meaningful gift, the 2022 $5 Colours of Nature 150th Anniversary Yellowstone National Park 150g Coin represents a blend of art, history, and nature. Its rarity, beauty, and significance make it a standout piece that celebrates the enduring legacy of Yellowstone National Park.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of history. This coin is not only a valuable addition to any collection but also a way to connect with the natural world and its timeless wonders. Secure your coin today and own a tangible piece of the world’s natural heritage.

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