2018 $5 Hades Gods Of Olympus 2oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2018
Denomination $5
Country Niue
Max Mintage 500
Finish Antiqued / Gilded
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 50.00

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Discover the 2018 $5 Hades Gods Of Olympus 2oz Silver Coin

Embark on a mythical journey with the 2018 $5 Hades Gods Of Olympus 2oz Silver Coin, the latest addition to the renowned Gods of Olympus series. This exquisite coin, celebrating Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld, is a masterpiece of numismatic artistry, perfect for both avid collectors and enthusiasts of Greek mythology.

A Dive into Greek Mythology

Hades, son of Cronus and Rhea, emerges as a central figure in Greek mythology. As the ruler of the Underworld, Hades played a pivotal role alongside his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, in overthrowing the Titans and establishing a new order. This coin beautifully captures Hades’ dominion, representing both the mystery and majesty of Greek lore.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Ultra High Relief Design: Struck in 2oz of 99.9% pure silver, the coin features an ultra high relief design, bringing Hades to life with stunning three-dimensional detail.
Rose Gold Plating: The depiction of Hades and Cerberus is elegantly highlighted with rose gold plating, enhancing the coin’s aesthetic appeal.
Limited Edition: With only 500 pieces available globally, this coin is a rare collectible, offering exclusivity to its owners.

Premium Presentation

Each coin is housed in a prestigious wooden case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its value and authenticity as a collector’s item. As legal tender of Niue, it also holds a unique place in coin collections.
In addition to its collectability and investment potential, this coin serves as a spectacular gift for those fascinated by mythology, history, or numismatics.

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