2020 Mahakala 2oz Gilded Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2020
Denomination 2,000 CFA Francs
Country Cameroon
Max Mintage 500
Finish Selective Gilding / Antiqued
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 45.00

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Discover the 2020 Mahakala 2oz Gilded Silver Coin

Embark on a spiritual journey with the exquisite 2020 Mahakala 2oz Gilded Silver Coin, a masterpiece that merges the profound essence of Tibetan Buddhism with the prestige of fine silver. This limited edition coin is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of Eastern spiritual traditions.

Symbolism and Design

The 2020 Mahakala coin is meticulously crafted with two ounces of fine silver, adorned with selective gold plating that highlights the magnificent depiction of Mahakala, the revered protector of dharma. Mahakala’s image on this coin is not just an artistic expression but a symbol of wisdom and a remover of obstacles, resonating deeply with those drawn to spiritual and mystic elements of Eastern cultures.

Collector’s Delight and Investment

With a limited mintage of only 500 pieces globally, this coin presents a unique opportunity for collectors and investors alike. The rarity and the intricate craftsmanship of the 2020 Mahakala 2oz Gilded Silver Coin make it highly sought after in the international collectible markets. Its value is appreciated not just as a collector’s item but also as an investment in collectible coins with low mintage.

Gift of Deep Meaning

Whether it’s for a personal milestone, a business gift, or just a thoughtful present, this coin serves as an extraordinary gift idea. Encased in a protective presentation case with a Certificate of Authenticity, it’s an ideal gift for those fascinated by Eastern religions or anyone appreciative of unique, culturally rich collectibles.

Authenticity and Quality Guaranteed

The 2020 Mahakala 2oz Gilded Silver Coin comes with an Antique Finish quality, ensuring that each coin is a testament to premium coinage artistry. The obverse features the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Cameroon along with the year of issue and the nominal value, confirming its authenticity and legal tender status.

Invest in a piece of spiritual heritage and artistic excellence with the 2020 Mahakala 2oz Gilded Silver Coin. Secure your coin today and own a symbol of protection and wisdom that transcends the ordinary.

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