2019 $20 Samsara Wheel of Life Archeology Symbolism 3oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Country Cook Islands
Max Mintage 333
Finish Antiqued
Year 2019
Denomination $20
Coin Dimensions (mm) 65.00mm
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 3oz

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Discover the spiritual elegance of the 2019 $20 Samsara Wheel of Life Archaeology Symbolism Silver Coin, a treasured addition to the esteemed Archaeology & Symbolism series. This masterfully crafted coin offers a profound glimpse into the cyclic journey of life, as revered in Tibetan Buddhism.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Design

This remarkable coin, smartminted on a grand 65mm diameter canvas, boasts a detailed and intricate design that showcases the pinnacle of minting artistry. With its antique finish and a weight of 3 ounces of pure silver, it presents an unparalleled level of detail. The coin is a testament to the meticulous skill involved in its creation, featuring elements so finely crafted they push the boundaries of minting capabilities.

A Symbolic Journey Embodied

The Samsara Wheel of Life is a poignant representation of the Buddhist concept of cyclic existence. It’s an emblem found on the outer walls of Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries across the Indo-Tibetan region. This coin brings the intricate symbolism of the Wheel of Life into the palms of your hands, serving not only as a collectable but also as an artefact rich in cultural significance.

Limited Edition Collectable

Limited to just 333 pieces globally, each coin comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, encapsulated and presented in a bespoke box. Its scarcity and uniqueness make it a highly sought-after piece among collectors and enthusiasts of both numismatics and cultural artefacts.

Expand your collection with this profound representation of spiritual wisdom and artistic excellence. The 2019 $20 Samsara Wheel of Life coin is not just an investment in silver but a journey into the depths of symbolism and archaeology.

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