2019 $5 Apollo Footprint Moon Landing With Meteorite 1oz Silver Coin


Coin Specifications

Year 2019
Denomination $5
Country Cook Islands
Max Mintage 99
Finish Meteorite Inset
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 38.61

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Unveil the 2019 Apollo Footprint Moon Landing Silver Treasure

Embark on a celestial journey with the 2019 $5 Apollo Footprint Moon Landing With Meteorite 1oz Silver Coin, a limited edition treasure from the Cook Islands. This numismatic masterpiece combines history, astronomy, and the allure of silver collecting into one captivating piece. Minted with .999 pure silver and embedded with a genuine piece of Moon meteorite, this coin is a tribute to mankind’s lunar explorations and a must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Premium Craftsmanship and Authentic Meteorite Inclusion

Expertly crafted, this coin features an antique finish that accentuates the intricate details of the Apollo footprint design, symbolising the monumental first steps on the Moon. What sets this edition apart is the inclusion of a real piece of Moon meteorite (DHOFAR1766), making it not just a piece of history but a tangible piece of the cosmos. With a diameter of 38.61 mm, it presents an imposing presence that is both visually striking and rich in detail.

Rare Collectable with Exclusive Mintage

This special edition release is limited to only 99 pieces worldwide, making it an exceptionally rare and sought-after item. Each coin is a part of a select mintage that includes a unique moon meteorite, distinguishing it from the regular edition. The rarity is further highlighted by its $5 face value and its status as a legal tender in the Cook Islands, issued in 2019. This exclusivity is a beacon for collectors seeking unique and limited edition numismatic pieces.

Accompanying each coin is a bespoke coin capsule, a luxurious presentation box, and a certificate of authenticity numbered between 01 and 99. These inclusions ensure the coin’s authenticity and rarity, making it a prized possession for any collector.

A Piece of Lunar Legacy in Your Collection

The 2019 $5 Apollo Footprint Moon Landing With Meteorite 1oz Silver Coin is more than just a collectable; it’s a piece of space exploration history and a tribute to human achievement. Its combination of historical significance, numismatic craftsmanship, and a fragment of the Moon itself offers an unparalleled collecting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned numismatist, a space enthusiast, or looking for a unique investment, this coin represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of the lunar legacy.

Do not miss the chance to add this extraordinary piece to your collection. With its limited mintage and unique meteorite inclusion, it stands as a testament to human curiosity and our unending quest to explore the universe. Secure your piece of the moon and celebrate the historic Apollo Moon Landing with this exquisite silver coin.

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