2015 Virgo – Zodiac Skull Series 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin


Coin Specifications

Max Mintage 500
Finish BU / Antiqued
Year 2015
Country USA
Primary Material Silver .999
Primary Material Weight 1oz
Coin Dimensions (mm) 39.00

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Explore the Mystique of the 2015 Virgo – Zodiac Skull Series 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin

Delve into the captivating allure of the 2015 Virgo Zodiac Skull Series, a collector’s dream with its blend of artistic excellence and numismatic craftsmanship. This 1oz silver coin is a stand-out piece, featuring a striking antiqued finish that highlights the detailed designs inspired by the themes of life and death under the Virgo zodiac sign.

Exquisite Design and Artistic Collaboration

Crafted in collaboration with a renowned US-based tattoo artist, this coin showcases a dual-themed design that captures the essence of the Virgo sign through a masterfully engraved skeleton figure and a central skull surrounded by zodiac inscriptions. The reverse side of the coin beautifully portrays a skeleton woman gazing at a butterfly, symbolising the fleeting nature of life and the eternal allure of the cosmos.

Premium Quality and Collectability

Minted from .999 fine silver and weighing 31.1 grams, this antiqued coin measures 39 millimeters in diameter, offering a substantial and tactile experience for collectors. The low mintage of only 500 pieces worldwide ensures that each coin remains a treasured asset for those lucky enough to own one.

Each coin bears a unique serial number engraved directly onto the surface, linking it inseparably to its numbered certificate of authenticity. This feature not only enhances the coin’s value but also its significance as a collectible item, making it an ideal acquisition for both seasoned collectors and those new to the world of precious metal collecting.

Numismatic Investment and Gift Potential

The 2015 Virgo – Zodiac Skull Series coin is more than just a collector’s item; it’s a sound investment in fine silver. Its rarity and thematic design focused on the zodiac make it a captivating gift for those born under the Virgo sign or any enthusiast of astrology and numismatics.

With no presentation case included, the raw beauty of the coin’s antique finish and intricate engravings stand front and centre, appealing to collectors who appreciate the unadorned allure of finely minted silver.

In conclusion, the 2015 Virgo – Zodiac Skull Series 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin is a must-have for those who cherish rare zodiac-themed numismatics, blending artistic flair with investment-worthy metal purity and fineness. Secure your piece today and own a tangible representation of astrological artistry and numismatic tradition.

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