2024 Guan Yin Thousand Armed Thousand Eyed Bodhisattva 1.3kg Trimetal Coin

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Coin Specifications

Year 2024
Denomination 10,000 Francs
Country Republic of Chad
Max Mintage 999
Finish Antiqued
Primary Material Silver .999 / Copper .999 / Zinc .999
Primary Material Weight 2oz Ag / 16.9oz Cu / 29.4oz Zn
Coin Dimensions (mm) 188.00

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Discover the divine elegance and spiritual magnificence of the 2024 Guan Yin Thousand Armed Thousand Eyed Bodhisattva 1.3kg Trimetal Coin . Minted with exceptional craftsmanship by the Republic of Chad, this extraordinary coin is a symbol of boundless mercy and compassion. Its unique trimetal composition and intricate design make it a standout addition to any collection.

Spiritual Splendour in Grand Detail

The coin’s grand 188mm diameter is not just impressive in size but also in the intricate detailing it allows. Each aspect of the Thousand-Armed Thousand-Eyed Guan Yin Bodhisattva is rendered with incredible precision, reflecting her compassionate aura. The high relief, with a peak of 15mm, accentuates the depth and texture, bringing each detail of the Bodhisattva’s thousand arms and eyes to vivid life.

A Unique Trimetal Composition

Crafted from .999 pure Silver, Copper, and Zinc, this remarkable coin weighs 62.2g of Silver (2 oz), 480g of Copper (16.9 oz), and 835g of Zinc (29.4 oz). This blend of metals not only adds to the coin’s visual appeal but also its collectable value, making it a prized possession for generations.

Exclusive and Limited Edition

With only 999 coins minted, owning this piece is a rare opportunity. Each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its exclusivity and value. The coin is also presented in a bespoke case, perfect for display or as a prestigious gift.

The 2024 Guan Yin Thousand Armed Thousand Eyed Bodhisattva 1.3kg Trimetal Coin is more than a collector’s item; it’s a fusion of artistic brilliance, spiritual significance, and numismatic innovation. Embrace the essence of Guan Yin’s grace and add a touch of divine serenity to your collection.

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