2022 50c Australian Rail Heritage Steam Train 7 Coin Set


Coin Specifications

Year 2022
Denomination 7 x 50c
Country Australia
Finish MS69 / MS68
Primary Material CuNI
Primary Material Weight 17 x 5.55g
Coin Dimensions (mm) 31.65

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Step into a historic journey with the prized 2022 Australian Rail Heritage Steam Train Set. Crafted by the famed Royal Australian Mint, this set boasts seven unique coins. Each coin captures a different iconic locomotive. Renowned for its excellence, the Royal Australian Mint guarantees the fidelity of these coin designs. Celebrate Australia’s railway history with this incredible collection.

The set includes:

1 x MS69 QLD: Queensland Rail A10 No.6

Starting with Queensland, the A10 No.6 coin tributes a key part of Queensland’s development. This sturdy locomotive was noted for its reliability and power.

1 x MS69 NSW: South Maitland Railways 10 Class No.25

Next, we travel to New South Wales. The Class No.25 coin honors a locomotive pivotal to the state’s coal industry. It portrays the steam train that worked the rich coal seams of the Hunter Valley.

1 x MS68 VIC: Victorian Railways R Class R711 ‘Spirit of Bendigo’

Third is Victoria. The ‘Spirit of Bendigo’ coin celebrates a locomotive famed for its high-speed passenger service, signifying its elegance and efficiency.

1 x MS69 TAS: North Mount Farrell Tramway ‘Wee Georgie Wood’

Over in Tasmania, the ‘Wee Georgie Wood’ coin salutes the compact engine that served Tasmania’s mining industry. It was vital to the state’s industrial operations.

1 x MS69 SA: South Australian Railways 500 Class No.504 ‘Tom Barr Smith’

In South Australia, the No.504 ‘Tom Barr Smith’ coin presents a locomotive that was a mainstay of the state’s rail network. It faithfully served passengers and freight alike.

1 x MS69 WA: Western Australian Railways W Class W945 ‘Banksiadale’

Venturing to Western Australia, the W945 ‘Banksiadale’ coin honors the locomotive hauling timber from Darling Range’s sawmills. It played a key role in the state’s timber industry.

1 x MS69: The Commonwealth Railways NM Class NM25

Lastly, the NM Class NM25 coin commemorates a locomotive that traversed Australia’s interior. It provided a vital link between remote communities.

Cherish the Unique Collection

This remarkable set, crafted by the Royal Australian Mint, invites you to appreciate iconic locomotives. The Mint’s superb craftsmanship shines through in each coin.

Discover Each Iconic Locomotive

Every coin in the set tells a unique story from QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, and the Commonwealth Railways. From freight hauling to passenger services, these locomotives played key roles in Australia’s growth.

Plunge into Australian Railway History

Owning this set is more than just adding to your coin collection. It’s a deep dive into the enthralling history of Australian railways.

Grasp the Chance to Own Heritage

Here’s the golden chance to own a piece of railway heritage by securing your set today and celebrating Australia’s rich railway history.

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